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19 October 2010 @ 05:50 pm
- If I don't fail this semester, I guess I'm one of the luckiest girl here
But yeah, I don't want to see the "you're not allowed to graduate" notice on my bday D=

- NEWS's Fighting Man. I started to think they were singing about Bruce Lee. Don't think. Feel! =))
I kinda like it :D

- Takeda-kun on Domoto Kyoudai!!!
I don't know anything about him.
I rarely see him on TV.
But don't know why I have very good impression on this person :D

- Don't know if I should cut my hair or not =.=
It started to get irritated

- All best wishes to Sayaka &hearts
12 October 2010 @ 12:23 pm
24 hours marathon to finish assignment and went to school for a presentation~
I want to praised myself XDDDD

and because last night i didn't sleep at all so this morning i went to school really early


what is it, this nostalgic feeling &hearts

...Collapse )
08 October 2010 @ 04:12 am
I'm happy because:
- general public seem to like DIVA &hearts
- general public look at VOUGE scan and start to ask who Sayaka is so they can start stalking her now =))
- I think DIVA is wonderful though I wasn't really digging the song at first, but I love it now after 1243634564th hear XDDDD
- Saeyaka radio show WINS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sad because:
- I feel like I'm a bad fan because I can't afford to buy this single, Sayaka is center and it maybe once in a lifetime thing; it's EPIC but I still can't have this single in my hand =((
- That Bijo Saishuu PB is out of reach either

I'm generally a happy fan.
My source of happiness right now comes from loving and my source of sadness comes from money.
When will my sadness as a fan go away~~~~?
So I'll happily live with my sadness now and heading for a 22th bday as a happy fangirl, lalala~
04 October 2010 @ 06:13 pm
Karaoke after a loooooooooooooooong time~

I'm happy now ^^ &hearts

After all, even though you can sing as much as you want by yourself,
it's still the best when there's someone else listen to you (/^o^)/ \(^0^\)

Until today,
I don't know what would have happened if I'd chose another different path
But I still think that one of my biggest regrets in life is not trying to involve in some kind of music related job
I always want to be a music producer even from when I was a kid and I really really really like writing lyrics

What the hell am I doing now?
Design a poster which I don't even see any good ="=
01 October 2010 @ 07:41 pm
Ever since I got that laptop with messy speaker and crappy mic
I still haven't figure out how to record a good track without that zzzz zzzzz noise whenever I have more than 2 tracks playing at once, this makes me unable to harmonize and I can't sing any duet song anymore o(>.<)o

Updating Boozic!!!
- Hello again ~mukashi kara aru basho~ Youtube | MF <-- recently I sing AKB songs only, so this is kinda refresh :D
- Ude wo Kunde Youtube | MF <--- this song is boring and easy to sing but I love it XDDD It sounds so girlie and 80s-ish &hearts &hearts &hearts and I sound girlie >=D
- Tobenai Agehachou Youtube | MF
- Lie Youtube | MF
- Kimi wa Pegasus Youtube | MF
- Kinjirareta Futari Youtube | MF
- Higurashi no Koi Youtube | MF
- 109 (Marukyuu) Youtube | MF

I really want to try singing something fast and cool sometimes, something HALCALI-ish but I may never be able to with this voice =((

For some reason which I don't know
Audio uploading on youtube always turns out to be crappy ="=
I'm kinda pissed

Is it really okay like this?
Seriously, recently I don't wanna do what I'm supposed to do anymore
And don't know what I wanna do anymore
So I just play around all day~
I can't get a job if I continue being like this T___T
27 September 2010 @ 12:06 pm

I can't help it
everytime I looked at her, I saw MatsuJun!!!!!!!
Especially when she's on stage dancing and singing =((

Komu, I only saw your 5 min youtube Scarlett and I'm so interested in you =))

and I still think Sane Jun = Kame in some angles =.="

how the hell can I get into Takarazuka when their media is so fuckin' hard to find online =((
25 September 2010 @ 01:43 pm
Happy birthday my twin~
Happy birthday my twin~
Happy birthday Happy birthday~~
Happy birthday my twin~


because people keep calling us twins for whatever reason i don't even know
height, face, aura??? ="=
or maybe because we always appeared together in front of others XDDDD

message for you:
you work too hard! too serious!!!
and still have a lot of time to relax, are you genius?
because you're the one who never hide anything but never talk about what you're thinking as well
so, be less mysterious!!!
you're so funny in such a ridiculous way!!! keep that silly face!!!
stop being invisible on the net!!! update more than just a link to youtube!!!
and because looking at you who always seem to try your best makes me want to try my best as well


more than a "suki na hito" you are a "taisetsu na hito"
so, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~~~~ &hearts

i just spam on all of my blogs by all the languages I know about your bday XDDD
feel honor~
12 August 2010 @ 01:27 pm
Just realized that I haven't updated my LJ for like thousand years already, even when I still update bambootrans regularly. Well... I have no life :((
01 June 2010 @ 12:51 pm
Eita and Kimura Kaela's getting married!!!!!!!
01 May 2010 @ 08:30 am
The daughter of my mom's colleague just confessed to her mom that she was a lesbian and her mom cried quite a lot. My mom told me "It's so sad when you have a daughter but it turned out you had neither a daughter nor a son."

My only thought at that was
"Would you rather your daughter being unaccepted by social standard but has someone she loves; or has a crappy husband and suffers from domestic violence but considered as a typical admirable woman?"

Theoretically, nowadays we all know that personal sexual orientation is not a disease. But I guess I may never understand. Some may say they "don't care" but actually are homophobia at heart.

Some may say u're not normal when u're old but not married or in a relationship.
Some may say u're not normal when u were married but later getting divorced.
Some may say u're not normal when u're divorced and then remarried
And even when u're normal by what they say, you can still suffer from all kinds of tragedies that only you know of.

As far as I live on this earth not that far, by the way, I learnt that we can never stop ppl from saying and thinking stuffs about us. At least what we can do is to try our best to achieve happiness at the end of our life isn't it?