JDramas I've ever seen ~

These are most of the Jdramas I've seen so far.
- Most of them I've finished all the eps, just a few that i found so boring that I dropped half way.
- There are some dramas that I've seen on my local TV when I was a kid and I can't remember or don't even know the name so I cannot list here ~_~
- All the dramas which are airing means that I haven't finished will not be list here though~

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I think I'll do review for each of them if I have time then ^_^ This is such a fun thing to do~
If you want to have review/spoiler on any particular drama, just comment. I'll do it first then ^-^

Boozic Master List

Yup, there's no artist here
There's only my voice here XDDDD


- 109 (Marukyuu) MF | Youtube
- Himitsu Dolls MF
- Hare Ame Nochi Suki MF | Youtube
- Hello again ~mukashi kara aru basho~ Youtube | MF
- Higurashi no Koi Youtube | MF
- Ii hi tabidachi MF
- Ii hi tabidachi (Viet ver.) MF
- Kaeritaku natta yo MF
- Kimi wa Pegasus Youtube | MF
- Kinjirareta Futari Youtube | MF
- Lie Youtube | MF
- Mushoku Toumei na Mama de MF | Youtube
- my graduation MF | Youtube
- Nanchatte Renai MF | Youtube
- Planetarium MF (Viet)
- Tobenai Agehachou Youtube | MF
- Ude wo Kunde Youtube | MF
- Yokogao MF
- Wedding Bell MF | Youtube

JE recommended songs

Well, i'm doing this out of the blue~ nothing like recommended really, just that i feel like in the ocean of JE songs, not that all of them are good but i have some favorite which i can replay as many times on my playlist but still not get bored XDD so i think i should let you know too, because many ppl just listen to songs of their fav band right??? you should try litsen to others as well since there are some really good one<33~

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- any dl link you want????

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Akimoto Sayaka modeled for a nightwear series with the theme "Come On Happy Night!" on Peach John 2012 Summer Catalogue Vol.81
In AKB48, Sayaka has a cool and manly character, but with this photoshoot, she also has a chance to show off her cute side.

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Because I watch Majusuka Gakuen episode 7, which is about Choukoku
And senbatsu election makes everybody worried.

I think a lot.
But I never really say anything out loud about my idol.
But I feel like I NEED to since recently there are many things make me uncomfortable.

Warning: Contain spoiler for episode 7 of Mjsk2.


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You Are Spades

You love living life on your own terms. Independence is very important to you.

Whenever possible, you try to do things yourself. You want all the credit for your accomplishments.

You enjoy working hard, but you enjoy the paycheck at the end even more.

You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.

You enjoy working hard, but you enjoy the paycheck at the end even more <<-- oh so fucking true XDDD
ai witch

Wish List of a 22 Libra

I almost forgot today is my bday
Funny how you always remember it before but on the right day you never get it :))

And because my mom kept asking me what I want...
Well, I have all I need for now but what I really want no one can grant for me though:

- I wish that a lot of people will vote for Nakeru Basho or Mushi no Ballad in next AX!
Hahha, I don't have the right to say this because I can't even buy the single. But after all that happened to Sayaka, having one of those two songs up high in AX rank will kinda boost her confidence I guess ^^
Seriously, I have this respect for her that I rarely have for any entertainment idol or even any real person I know in real life. The kind of person who have a big and beautiful heart, she's just that amazing. And such a person deserves to have more love from the world!!!

- I wish that coolncute will get a job soon
Well, honestly and selfishly speaking, I kinda hope that you won't get a job that soon because once you get a job, our dream won't be the same anymore, to some extent. But on the other hand I understand how it feels to always live rely on others' love and be this useless. It's kinda painful when we can't do anything and always follow the road set for us.
When I said: "After 3 years, if we still don't have anything, let's throw away everything behind and start from 0 again together!" I already know that it won't happen somehow even for me.
But rather than
"Let's be together forever"
I really wish
"You can be happy on your own"

- I wish that I can be more responsible
Really, even I get annoyed with myself. I seriously lack any sense of responsibility o(>.<)o
I refuse to take part in any kind of activity that require me to be responsible for any person other than me =.=
I even refuse to be in any kind of relationship that I need to be responsible for. I remember once I said to my friends "I'm that kind of person so don't ask me to be responsible as a friend. I just do what I want to do, I won't do anything that I have to. If you're okay with it, then let's be friend. Or else I won't get mad at you for stop being my friend."
And to such a selfish person like me, being loved and supported by many people around, I feel like I'm one of the luckiest person in this world.

- I wish for world peace ^^
Because I maybe this isolated and heartless all the time but I do love human a lot that I can't stand any kind of unfair that caused by human to human. Seriously guys, why can't we all live with LOVE?!

That's my wishlist for a 22th Libra birthday (^^)v

I'm clearly aware that I've come this far in life is based purely on luck and others love for me.
It's not a bad thing though.
I feel I'm so lucky in fact &hearts
But I also want to try more so that I can live on my own.
And not cause any trouble for people around.
Well, just wish =P

Bamboo, stop being a 12-year-old-kid and be a little bit more 22-year-old-girl!!!
Happy birthday to you Bamboo
You're annoying but after all, I love you &hearts

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I heavy rotate GAGAGA too much
I've repeated it continuously for 18 hours already o(>.<)o

But I don't like the random Korean =.=